Charter Fayre

Saturday 15 July 2017, there will be a Medieval Fayre


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  • In bringing back the Feast of St. James, we really want to bring a medieval atmosphere to Tiverton for this special day. Apart from the appeal of juggling and folk music, nothing quite says medieval like some re-enactments and we happen to have secured some of the best around.
  • In 1257 King Henry III granted a three-day Charter Fayre to Tiverton to be held around the Feast of St James in July. Tiverton Portas Company is bringing this Fayre back to Tiverton on Saturday 15 July.
  • There will be a Medieval Fayre in Tiverton Town Centre (leading into Tiverton Pannier Market), with a traditional craft street market selling hand-made local goods, craft demonstrations and activities.
  • So come on down and enjoy the day with your family and friends.


Who is Performing

Alive & Kicking

Alive & Kicking are based in Exeter, Devon. The group was formed in 1989 and perform music and dance from the Appalachian Mountain region of the United States.

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The below video of CIRCO that became viral and we are pleased that

TWO of  the Circo Group, will be performing at the Tiverton Fayre

Viral Video of the Circo Inferno. Over the years working at festivals with Green Stewards, I got to know some of the other Stewards really well. There was a good group of us who would come back and work the seasons year after year. A group of friends from Cornwall have gone on to do something rather spectacular and set up Circo Inferno.



Birds of prey and the Faconry School, Ben Long and Matt Aggett will be representing The Falconry School, which is based at Hardwicke, near Gloucester. Ben flew his first bird-of-prey, a kestrel, in 1971, at a time when there were just few falconers in Britain.  He has been professionally involved in the sport for well over 30 years.